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Venice Weddings

Luxury boutique wedding planning company


Founder & principal Wedding Planner

We are going to get to know each other very well (tons of email and Skype calls!)… Meanwhile, here is a little about me and a video presentation.

I am an Italian American Wedding Planner who had the fortune of moving to Venice, this most romantic city, where I live with my husband and our two fuzzy babies, Alice & Charlotte.
My American mentality infused with cultural nuances of the Italian charm gives me the opportunity to create the most romantic weddings, like producing a movie designed to reflect every couple's style.
"Venice Weddings" is my pride and joy. With my own company I have the opportunity to use my creativity to its fullest potential and the ability to give my Brides and Grooms the respect and attention they deserve. This being my passion, I always feel  blessed to be an integral part of such important moments in the life of a couple. Making them happy is my greatest fulfillment.
My boutique wedding planning company coordinates a limited number of events in order to ensure that every couple receives 100% of my  attention.
From small and intimate ceremonies to lavish and "over the top" weddings, every couple is always my only couple to whom I dedicate my entire commitment.
From the first meeting to the last toast of your celebration, I will be by your side, so that you can relax and really enjoy your day.



Event designer

Irene comes from a Hotel's service background and has traveled extensively between Italy, London, Hong Kong and Australia working on a diverse array of projects.
Her journey into the wedding planning world led Irene to express her true talent; combining relationships and creative problem-solving skills. But first and foremost, the opportunity to create long lasting memories for the couples which is Irene's favorite part of her job!
Before joining VENICE WEDDINGS with EMA, Irene has been working for 11 years in a five stars hotel in Venice as event manager.
Her outgoing personality and warm hospitality expertise, puts every bride at ease.
Irene says "Fairy tales help the word go round and I love being part of the story by making that special day absolutely… perfect! There is nothing more rewarding than watching the happiness of a couple".


Venice Weddings

This is ALL about you and how you want your very special day to be.
Let us bring some magic into your wedding day and think of us as your
"Fairy Godmothers".

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Venice Weddings

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